To begin Jewelcrafting go down the stairs inside the depot. This will take you to an area where you can find all professions, south you can Blacksmith, Smelt, Tan, or do Alchemy. You can go north-east to Jewelcraft.

Professions Entrance

Jewelcrafting skill gives stats at the following levels:

  • 20 Skill = +1 Haste + Precision
  • 40 Skill = +2 Haste + Precision
  • 60 Skill = +3 Haste + Precision
  • 70 Skill = +4 Haste + Precision
  • 80 Skill = +5 Haste + Precision
  • 90 Skill = +7 Haste + Precision
  • 100 Skill = +10 Haste + Precision
  • 110 Skill = +15 Haste + Precision
  • 120 Skill = +25 Haste + Precision

Jewelcrafting offers the Gem Power enhancement. This enhancement boosts all the gems worn by the character by a signifcat amount. Starting from Jewelcrafting 60 you will be able to unlock through the new "Enhancement" button.

You can craft basic Gems using jewelcrafting. Jewelcraftings best friend is blacksmithing, it is the main component in order to create some basic gems.

Use the bellow (shown in the image below) to open the jewelcrafting menu

Jewelcrafting Station

To craft your first gems you will need (as mentioned before) blacksmithing, more specifically, you will need some coal and gold ingots. Clicking the bellow will open the window showed below.

Jewelcrafting Example


Creating elemental gems is simple and easy however it does require the player to move around a lot. The main component of jewelcrafting is mining and black smithing, thats where the materials come from.

Jewelcrafting Example2