To Begin Alchemy downstairs inside the depot. You can also find the Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and tanning stations.

Alchemy skill gives stats at the following levels:

  • 20 Skill = +1 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 40 Skill = +2 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 60 Skill = +3 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 70 Skill = +4 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 80 Skill = +5 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 90 Skill = +7 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 100 Skill = +10 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 110 Skill = +15 Brew Master + Arcane
  • 120 Skill = +25 Brew Master + Arcane

Alchemy also offers an enhancement. Once you reach level 60 in Alchemy you will unlock a new button called Enhancement. Buying the alchemy enhancement will improve your characters healing by x% you will be able to further increase by reaching higher levels of alchemy 70, 80 and so on.

Alchemy also gives you an ability to make your enchantments stronger or to create powerful elixir thats heal you for massive amount of health or mana.

Go down the stairs inside depo to enter the crafting area.

Professions Entrance

Use the Brewing station to begin crafting. NOTE: Alchemy is the hardest and most expensive profession (energy wise) It requires a high amount of vials of blood (Skinning) and Iron Ingots (Mining).

Alchemy Station

To craft any kind of an elixir, you will need an empty vial.

Alchemy Example2

Small Vial is your first go-to before crafting any small elixirs.

Alchemy example

Elixirs have a separate cooldown to the healing runes (15 seconds) they're definitely worth to use during boss fights or while being trapped.